Madame Jenny’s

A brassy new brand for a bustling speakeasy

Project Overview:

A century ago, Jenny Duffy ran the most lavish speakeasy and bawdy house in Scranton, where the socially prominent and wealthiest citizens indulged in all forms of forbidden fruit. Today, Madame Jenny’s pays homage to the successful proprietress with a bold and brassy brand.

A visit to the speakeasy is sure to be the bee’s knees with an authentic roaring 20’s experience from the headline on the menu masquerading as a newspaper to the craft cocktails proudly bearing the names of famous local madames. Buzz of Jenny’s arrival started weeks before the opening with social media images featuring a sneak peek of the interior and guerilla marketing tactics such as skeleton keys (that doubled as bottle openers) scattered around town, while served as a hub for entertainment details.

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