Logo Graveyard 2019

Logo Graveyard 2019

Happy Halloween everyone and welcome to Posture’s Logo Graveyard!
Where we keep the logos that are no longer with us...

This year at Posture we’re bringing in a new spooky and haunting tradition. Take a scroll, if you dare, to see the unchosen logos of the past. Read their headstones to see how they made it to the graveyard and don’t forget to check out their lively websites.

Client: Madame Jennys

Why we like it: Inspired by the dial on the vault door that is currently at the entrance to the speakeasy, this logo is as sexy as it is silver. Also a nod to the feminine mystique of Jenny Duffy with her eye always watching over Scranton and her business – we weren’t going to get away with putting any smooth moves on this logo. 

Why it went to the logo graveyard: The Madame was looking for something bolder and more representative of Jenny herself. Don’t you just love seeing her lovely silhouette behind the bar now?

Website (2019):  https://madamejennys.com

Client: FitAF

Why we like it: This treatment just gives off that “cool kid” vibe. We want to hang out with this logo after school behind the bleachers and listen to Blink 182 while we talk about how much our parents just don’t understand. 

Why it went to the logo graveyard: We went just a little too “grunge band meets Japanese steakhouse.” This concept didn’t fully convey the freshness of the amazing healthy food that FitAF provides. 

Website (2018):  https://www.fitafnutrition.com

Client: Fancy Parsley

Why we like it: Just like a fine wine, you notice the subtle notes of architecture in this logo as you spend more time drinking it in. The anchor points, the doorways, the possibilities!

Why it went to the logo graveyard: A little fancy, but definitely not much Parsley (and we definitely need to get more greens in our diet). Didn’t quite give off the vibrant and creative personality of the people behind the alluring brand name.

Bonus: We REALLY loved animating the final logo design on this website ?

Website (2019): https://www.fancyparsley.com

Four Paw Party in the House for Blue Chip Farm!

It’s no secret that the Posture team has a soft spot for animals, so Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge seemed like a natural foundation choice for us. We all own or have owned multiple animals in our lives that we hold near and dear. One of our four-pawed peeps actually works with us at the office every so often – some of you reading this may have already met my branding connoisseur, Mars the dachshund. He’s great with offering snack advice, but logs most of his time here under “Posture naps.” He can be such a weenie.

Cat and dog brothers
Mars with his “baby” brother Ares vs. the brothers recently celebrating our wedding day. <3

What some of you may not know is Mars has not always had an easy time of getting around Scranton.

Back in 2012, he was afflicted with an acute case of IVDD (intervertebral disc disease), a spine condition that commonly affects dachshunds and other small dogs and often paralyzes the lower half of their body. The first time this happened, my husband and I pulled our finances together as best we could to afford a surgery that we hoped would give him his quality of life back – and it did! Unfortunately, IVDD struck again 2 years later in 2014 and we were put in a tough financial spot. Luckily, with the help of our wonderful family and friends via our GoFundMe campaign, we were able to again give Mars the surgery he needed and he has lived a full and happy life ever since.

Mars recovered fast after his second back surgery and soon we were helping him walk again to go outside


A lot of animals are not as lucky as Mars is.

They don’t have a small community to rally for them when they get seriously sick or injured – instead, they are counting on volunteers and caretakers at local organizations. This is why the mission of Blue Chip Farm is so important to myself and the Posture team – they are giving many animals a second chance at life that they may not have otherwise had. They even have a dachshund success story similar to Mars – all made possible through the generosity of donors and eventually a serendipitous adoption that led to Bella’s recovery.

Mars can definitely relate. He’s a senior dog living life to his fullest, and so are many other animals thanks to the wonderful folks at Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge. If you love dachshunds and are looking for another way you can help, you can purchase the book about Bella the dog here – proceeds support Bella’s continued medical care as well as Blue Chip Farm.


Show your support for the animals and build a virtual gingerbread house for Blue Chip Farm!

Join the Posture House Party now through December 31st and share your house on social media to vote for Blue Chip Farm as the winner a cash donation plus design and digital support totaling $5,000. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #posturehouseparty for your house/vote to count!

Start building here.

Seed to Farmacy Branding & Experience

Planting the seeds for a successful fundraiser experience

We were first presented the opportunity to work on this project by designing the invitation and donation collateral well before the virtual garden concept had been born. This was an exciting design challenge in itself, as the client wanted to carry over the farm-to-table theme into the actual design and production of the invitations. We sourced sustainable parsley seed paper as the branded piece that held the invite, reply card, and inserts together, which could then be planted in the recipient’s’ own garden at home.

To carry the sustainable planting concept through to the Virtual Garden experience, we then designed and produced seed “tickets” on more parsley seed paper that each donor at the event would take to our physical garden. They would then rip and plant the “seed” design of the ticket and keep the stub for planting at home. At the end of the night, the garden was filled with planted parsley seeds – the virtual garden reflected this in all the plants that appeared on the screen. This garden was then taken to the Fresh Food Farmacy in Shamokin, PA to produce parsley that could be used by FFF patients in healthy meals.


The physical garden design was a collaborative process involving custom vector art, branded signage, an adventure at Home Depot, and a garage-based construction session. Building the physical box along with the electronic components was a great opportunity for the Posture team to showcase their maker skills. The box itself was prototyped first, and built using ¾ inch plywood. Measuring in at six feet long and two feet wide, the planter was designed to accommodate a large amount of plants.


The electronics side of the planter ran on a MakeyMakey. We drilled holes throughout the planter with an exposed copper lead coming out of each. Donors used a small metal shovel, which was wired to the MakeyMakey, to plant their seed paper tickets into the planter. The soil was measured out to cover the exposed wires and was kept damp to maintain a consistent level of moisture. With that, donors could complete the circuit with the grounded shovel and the leads inside the soil.


Figuring out how to handle such an interactive experience was an interesting challenge to overcome. We’ve previously used Processing for Generative Art installations, but we knew we needed to find a tool that could handle concurrent processes and animations better. We landed on Phaser, an open source “Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game framework”. We were able to use a fast and modern Javascript framework to handle the animations, reading from an API and listening for user input. The entire front end was designed to be modular and completely customizable by using Javascript ES6 classes and the Phaser 3 syntax.


We knew from the start we would need some sort of database and admin area in order to capture and seed the game (pun intended) with donation information. Once we became more familiar with Phaser and its capabilities, we decided the best approach would be to create a PHP wrapper to encapsulate the game and use a standard JSON file to pass data back and forth between the game side and the admin side. This project required a custom built MySQL database architecture to tie all the data together, and so we chose CakePHP as our framework to rapidly build the foundation of the admin area and to easily interface with the database. We then built a locked down website to prohibit outside users from potentially accessing any parts of the game, since it would be publicly displayed on a large screen at the event. The admin area included a section for inputting donor information, as well a customized troubleshooting section, to provide added redundancy in the event of a connection, software, or hardware issue.

We were also on hand the day of the event to set up, run final testing, and execute the experience for users as they arrived. Setup included fully filling the garden with the soil, interfacing our computers with a large display, and feeding our video feed out to one of 4 main wall projectors in the event space. During the event, we guided users through the garden, helped the client keep track of donations and amounts, and ensured that our build ran as smoothly as it did during testing. Ultimately our station was one of the highest trafficked tables at the event, and generated a high amount of donations for the Fresh Food Farmacy.

Getting Social with Posture

Recently, we had the opportunity to host a social media and design session with NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners) NEPA at the Posture office. We were thrilled to have this opportunity to not only share what we’ve learned over the years as an agency, but also discuss ways we all handle the daily challenges that we all encounter with our businesses on social media.

A lot of great points arose from our session with these driven business leaders, and today we’d like to share our 5 favorite takeaways with you:

Respond (positively) to criticism
It’s tempting to just shut out the haters –  but when you own a business, shutting out a hater means shutting out a customer. And their family. And their friends. And probably their friends of friends. This is what reputation management refers to – actively engaging in online comments and reviews to build customer trust. Responding positively to a bad customer review or comment and trying to “make things right” is more likely to regain trust and prompt the customer to return to a business. Other followers can see how the negative situation was handled and build trust with your business, too. With the proliferation of reviews and recommendations on social media, our peers are now viewed as authorities on a variety of topics. Make sure trashing your business isn’t one of those topics.

Be authentic
Sorry, but your social media followers actually can see through bullshit. If you’re constantly pushing your product or service in their face you’ll come off as “fake.” Try finding creative ways to introduce your product in everyday situations while giving them a glimpse into who you are as a person/group of people. Post about your mission first to show where your values lie. Talk to your social following like you would a friend. Otherwise, your followers will have difficulty relating to you or engaging with you – and will bump you out of their feeds fast.

Take advantage of free resources
We’re not saying these resources can take the place of the quality and depth of detail that an agency (wink, wink) can provide you, but photo editing apps like VSCO Cam can help you improve your image quality outside of Instagram while Canva or PicMonkey can help even the most “design-challenged” folks on a budget create eye-catching image layouts on the fly. License-free stock image sites like Unsplash are a must to protect yourself from copyright infringement – always give credit to the author of your images if you did not take them yourself and they are not clearly labeled as royalty- or license-free. Free post scheduling software baked into Facebook is super helpful for loading up your posts ahead of time – or you could use a platform like Hootsuite or Buffer to manage content on multiple accounts at once.

Variety is the spice of life
Have a sale, event or promotion going on that you really want to push? Great, post away! Using the same image/content and posting it every day of the week, however, isn’t going to attract the attention of your followers as much as it will bore them. Find different ways to frame the same event or promotion that will continually grab potential customers with exciting new announcements and eye-catching images. Even try mixing it up a little every time with the types of events and promotions you post so you and your brand don’t become “socially predictable.”

Have fun :)
Posting on social media shouldn’t be something that keeps you awake at night. Talk about what comes naturally to you and your business in your daily routine and have fun with how you use photos/video to get people’s attention and share your unique experience. Really liking a popular meme? Go on and work it into a post – your followers may see you as more human. You don’t need a whole marketing team to do this – you just need to be you!


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