Tips for filming video at home

Tips for filming video at home

We’re still able to produce great content with our clients while practicing safe social distancing. We all have a very powerful camera right in our pocket on our smartphones. We’ve challenged some of our friends to get creative with their devices and film their own footage that we can then edit into engaging branded content.

Here are some tips we put together for filming your own video at home. Grab your phone and a handy dandy helper if you can — it’s tough being the talent and the director at the same time!


Shoot at the highest resolution possible in your settings. 1080 is better than 720, but 4K is best. The higher the number of frames per second, the better. 60 frames per second (fps) is preferred.


Experiment with light and be aware of your main light source. For instance, direct bright light may be a little harsh on your face and cast strong shadows. Softer, natural light is more flattering. Take advantage of the light coming through windows without getting so close you need sunglasses. Contrary to what a lot of people think, overcast or cloudy days are actually the best for filming because clouds filter the light.


Film with your phone horizontally, not vertically. The camera on the back of your phone is generally better than the front facing camera, this is where a helper might come in handy. Place your phone on a flat surface at eye level with your subject. Don’t attempt to hold your phone for filming! Make sure the lens is clean and your subject is in focus, tapping a face on the screen will tell the camera where to focus.


Framing your shot is important. Align yourself with the center of the screen. We don’t need to see your whole body – we’ll want to focus on your face. You can sit or stand however you’re most comfortable, but remember to stay in one place for the duration of filming. Be conscious of the environment you’re in; make sure the background is not too busy or distracting. Get creative! Move a plant into the background, add a soft blanket for a different texture, or remove excess clutter.


Find a quiet place with no background noise, silence other devices, and turn the TV off. Let others in your home know you’re filming to avoid any on-camera disruptions. Do a test to make sure there is no echo in your space and make sure to speak loud and clear.

Send your footage

When sending your video files, choose full size. They may be too large for email, you can send via Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or Hightail.

Need some assistance setting up your video?

Shoot us a note, we’re here to help!

What the Font?!

Have you ever stared at a word for so long that the spelling begins to look wrong?

In logo creation, we designers are OBSESSED with the lines, curves, and shapes the letters of our language make when placed next to one another. Serifs, sans-serifs, scripts, block fonts, and slabs can change the mood and emotion of a word. It’s easy to find yourself wrapped up in an emotional journey of letters struggling to find just the right way to say something, without needing to say anything at all.

Since man has been able to communicate, letters have been a necessity to languages around the world. Starting with cave paintings humans needed a way to communicate without a voice — pictured turned into symbols, symbols turned into letters, and letters formed words. However, to the everyday person typography, traditionally, was an element of necessity with a simple utility function. That’s not the case anymore. In today’s digital age font options are endless and with access to so many options, typography has gone mainstream! People now have favorite fonts and have become more in tune with the emotional response typefaces can add to a message. For a wonderful look at the impact, typography has on our lives, check out the Netflix episode of Abstract with Jonathan Hoefler.

Jonathan Hoefler is a typeface designer and the founder of the Hoefler Type Foundry and  You may not realize it, but you probably see his work in your everyday life.  His fonts are stables on Apple devices and brands like Tiffany & Co., Nike, and the Guggenheim Museum have commissioned the Foundry for custom brand fonts. The 2008 Obama campaign put Tobias Frere-Jones and Jonathan Hoefler’s font Gotham on the map with its bold san-serif letters exclaiming HOPE and CHANGE on posters seen around the nation.

The Hoefler Type Foundry is also the designer of the font, Archer, which we have entrusted to proudly say our name — Posture. Archer is a slab serif font that was originally commissioned for Martha Stewart Living magazine with the goal of being personable, straightforward, and credible. While,at the same time, looking pretty, hard-working, and frank.  It makes sense why we chose this font to represent Posture, right? describes Archer as the colorful slab serif: sweet but not saccharine, earnest but not grave, it’s designed to hit just the right notes of forthrightness, credibility, and charm. It’s a font that’s friendly without being silly, and attractive without being flashy, Archer is a typeface that’s well-mannered, easy to work with, and inviting to read…just like our Posture peeps!

As you walk down the street, I encourage you to not just read the words around you, but really look at the letters, what do you think their story is?

You just got Sandstormed

Did you ever have one of those days where the clock magically turns from 10:15 am to 5:15 pm and you have no idea how that happened?  Somewhere between meetings, emails, unexpected visitors and scope creep, you completely lost track of your day and now your head is spinning in disappointment and confusion. You’ve just been sandstormed.

Named after the popular trance techno song of the same name, “Sandstorm” is our Posture term referring to our day being thrown into fast-forward.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the song, but just in case, you can check out the original 1999 track by Finnish DJ and record producer Darude (listen here).

The seven-minute song has an iconic repetitive beat that embodies sheer speed and momentum. When Spotify played this song one too many times in a single day, our entire office found ourselves transported throughout the day with no reason behind the rapid passing of time or scattered nature of our brains. That’s when we coined the term: we had been sandstormed.

The song’s name came from the text on the startup screen of the synthesizer used in the song.

So how can you avoid the storm?

Well, first of all, don’t listen to Darude in the office. But the real problem behind an office sandstorm is time management, something we all struggle with.  Here are some ways we try to avoid the storm:

Stop multitasking

Whether we want to admit it or not, our brains are not natural multi-taskers and shifting between tasks and yielding distractions does, in fact, slow us down.

Avoid multi-tasking

Forbes reports “Changing tasks more than 10 times a day drops your IQ an average of 10 points.”

Make a list and check it twice. In our office we use a phenomenal project management system called Asana. With fun checkboxes, project lists subtasks and all notes and conversations housed in one place, it keeps us on task and all tasks in one place.

Stay conscious of the time.  I went through a phase where my mac was set to obnoxiously announce the time every hour on the hour. While it was a creepy robotic voice that was startling to the entire office, it was immensely helpful in giving me a reality check on how long I had spent on a particular task…or how much time I spent avoiding a particular task.

You don’t need to watch the clock to be aware of the time

Track your time

Our agency runs on time as our currency, so it makes sense that we track all of hours as an essential part of our billing system. But it’s easy to rack up three-hours of uncategorized or unbillable time. Treat your own business like you would a client. Maybe no one is pulling those hours for a bill, but at the end of the week you’ll be able to review the data… you’d be surprised how much time you spend answering emails!

Time management

How does the Posture team manage time?

Gabriella Santos

“I like to make small lists and accomplish each task one-by-one.”


Kathryn Bondi

“I schedule blocks of time for my daily tasks so that way I’m not bouncing around aimlessly between to-do’s.”


“Everything kinda feels important to me, so I try to break it down into three categories: critical non-negotiable (eat, sleep, etc.), critical (the meat of the day), and important (everything else).”


“When it’s time to focus, I throw on headphones and avoid eye contact.”


Build a home where you can live united.

The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties has been a staple in our community for as far back as I can remember. Whether it was stuffing envelopes, painting a house, or earning my fundraising pin, I’ve always had a wonderful experience working with this group of kind and caring professionals. But do you realize the massive amount of work they do?

The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties fight for the education, financial stability and health of every person in our community. They identify the most concerning issues for our community;  pool resources for fundraising, awareness, and volunteers and then fearlessly attack social problems head-on.

Support of the United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties isn’t supporting just one cause, it’s supporting the many issues the cause threat to the well-being of our community.

Live United and support your community by building a virtual gingerbread house for The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties.

Join the Posture House Party now through December 31st and share your house on social media with #PostureHouseParty to vote for The United Way as the winner of our grand prize — a cash donation plus design and digital support totaling $5,000!

Start building here.

Party on…and keep the Arts Alive

I knew pretty early in life that I would pursue a career in something related to visual art. Whether it was drawing banners or building crafts as a kid, I was always pretty artsy-fartsy. I identified and thrived in this area because I was exposed to it and given the opportunity in school and at home to be as artistic as I could.  I was lucky. Not every kid has those opportunities.

Research shows the arts offer benefits far beyond creativity — they increase productivity and focus, they boost confidence, teach problem-solving and so much more. Regardless of their benefits, budgets and curriculums in our public schools make it difficult for our children to be exposed to visual and performing art.

So when our team started thinking about what local organizations we wanted to support this holiday season it was only natural that I thought of something that has had an impact on me personally.  I’ve had the pleasure of working hand in hand with Arts in Education NEPA, a partnership organization of The Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and NEIU 19. Their mission is to advocates for arts education in schools and communities. They administer quality learning experiences in the performing and visual arts.


The most widely known AIE NEPA program, Arts Alive, is celebrating their 26th year this summer. Arts Alive pairs professional working artists and students in grades K-12 for four intensive weeks each summer. And the outcome is nothing short of remarkable.  They create a safe space where no one feels like an outsider and anything is possible. Students self-esteem skyrockets and the boost in confidence trickles through all of their studies improving their grades and attitudes with lifelong lessons they will take with them throughout the year.

What’s even more remarkable is the effect these programs have on children with more serious needs. I’ve personally met autistic children who entered the program as a nonverbal student and have found their voice through Arts Alive… literally and figuratively.


Support of AIE NEPA provides scholarships and transportation to students that otherwise wouldn’t have access to quality educational art programs.


Show your support for the arts and build a virtual gingerbread house for AIE NEPA!

Join the Posture House Party now through December 31st and share your house on social media with #PostureHouseParty to vote for AIE NEPA as the winner of our grand prize — a cash donation plus design and digital support totaling $5,000!

Start building here.

We’re having a party… and you’re invited!

The Posture elves have been busy working on something really fun for this holiday season — we’re having a house party, and you’re invited! No need for a covered dish or party clothes, you can join in the fun right from your couch if you like.

The Posture House Party is an interactive gingerbread house building extravaganza!


We’re asking our friends, families, clients and the community to build their own digital gingerbread house and share their holiday creation on social media.  But what’s even better is each house built will be a vote for one of our favorite non-profits. The organization with the most houses shared in their honor will be awarded a cash prize and a boatload of our time for their design, web, and digital content needs — all totaling $5,000!


The Posture team put our heads together to identify the causes we care about most —  as a result, we’re thrilled to be partnering with Arts in Education Northeast Pensylvania, Blue Chip Farm, Geisinger Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, The United Way of Lackawanna and Wayne Counties, and Our Pocono Waters.


We’ll be partying on until December 31st and we’ll announce our winner in the new year!

What are you waiting for? Start building at

ADDY Award win for Metz design

It was a successful night at the NEPA American Advertising Awards (formerly the ADDYs) held earlier this month. Posture proudly accepted a gold award in the category of marketing sales and promotion for the design of the Metz Culinary Management sales kit.  

Posture Team winning  Gold ADDY Award 2017

The Posture team has always been big supporters of The American Advertising Federation, but our favorite event is definitely the ADDYs. Both Kathryn and myself have served on the AAF board of directors for several years and have seen not only the work that goes into this event but also the increasingly competitive quality of entries that come from all across our region.

The Award-winning work

We’re especially proud of this project because it was a true collaboration of not only the Posture team but also our good friends at Metz. We were tasked with packaging sales materials in a new way that would reflect the company values of fun, integrity, quality, hospitality, balance and respect. Once we immersed ourselves in the family-driven, guest-first culture of Metz, our task became much easier.

ADDY award winning Metz Culinary Management sales marketing Using the core company values as our guide we organized information in an interactive and engaging reader experience. Tiered pages created a pacesetting telling the story of the company, while bright colors represented the quality of fresh ingredients. The heart of the packet housed a colorful depiction of the values that drive the team at Metz. A pocket folder in the back of the piece contains matching supplementary material which provides a customizable aspect to the sales piece.

District Two Awards

Our winning work along with eight other professional entries will now advance to Pittsburg where they will represent Northeast Pennsylvania in the District Two competition. District winners will then compete nationally at ADMERICA in New Orleans. Congrats to all of the 2016-2017 ADDY winners!

Posture Sharks in the Everhart Tank

What does summer camp make you think of?  The woods, getting dirty, s’mores and camp fires?   Naturally when our friends at the Everhart Museum asked Tony and I to be part of their summer camp we shared the same concern- ‘are we going to scuff our saddle shoes?’  Then we were told it was a camp called ‘Mini Millionaires’ and it was NOT your traditional summer camp!  

The week-long camp was only one of the many week-long adventures the Everhart offers every summer to kids in grades K-6.  Mini-Millionaires week took campers through the process of inventing, branding, marketing and financing their own product.  At the end of the week, the groups presented to a panel of local ‘sharks’ with the hope of buy-in on their big idea.


worksheetExcited at this educational opportunity, Mr. Joey and Mr. Tony got out the white board and prepared a lesson.  Our week began on Wednesday- our young entrepreneurs had already begun designing their products and our task was to help them brand their new inventions.  Using Tucan Sam and Cap’n Crunch as our tour guides, we dove into the world of branding and advertising- and boy were we impressed with these young minds!   From a fork that would spin your pasta to a space-saving couch that converts to a table and bed, it was clear these kids had some serious ideas- seriously good ideas!

Through our cereal inspired exercise, we helped kids identify the elements of a successful brand and then apply those elements to their own product.  The outcome was solid logo designs for each group to identify their product and use in their presentation later in the week.


At the end of the week, we were honored to be invited back for the campers final presentations of their branded products.  ‘Sharks’ joining us on the panel included Michelle Pane of Fidelity Bank & Trust, Aurore Giguet, Executive director of the Everhart Museum and Katie Gilmartin of Nada & Co.  To say we were collectively impressed is an understatement!  Mr. Wondeful and Lorie Granier would have been battling it out to jump on these ideas!  Great job kids!  And Bravo Everhart on another fantastic program for our kids!


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